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Loving the stripes. This updated version has some great improvements over the previous one. The not so large buttons fit her jumpsuit m...

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Two Cavemen On A Hill
Two caveman sat in a cave at the end of their day in their little cave on the hill as they watched the sun go down. As one caveman grabbed a stone and a piece of flint, the other snorted. “It’s a little unnatural, isn’t it Bob?” Said the snorting caveman, who for some reason had quite the amazing grasp on modern English contractions and slang, “I mean, I get that we’re adapting and that but i’m sick to death of this rhetoric that ‘We are our own sun gods now’. I’m all for technological advancement as much as the next person as you well know Bob but I firmly believe that if the hot glowing ball (may they protect us from the dark times) had intended us to heat our meats on little hot things mounted on sticks, he would have given us the power to shoot it from our hands” He finished, looking fairly pleased with himself. He’d been working on that little speech for a few weeks now, though had had some trouble coming up w
:icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 1 0
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Locks, Fox and Two Smoking Straitjackets :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 17 3
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Warden Vs Spira :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 6 8
Put In The Holding Pen by DavianJWolfe
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Put In The Holding Pen :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 10 3
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Lynx to Escape :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 12 10
Oil'll be seeing you around, Inmate by DavianJWolfe Oil'll be seeing you around, Inmate :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 3 38 The Cages uniforms by DavianJWolfe
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The Cages uniforms :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 11 9
Jeda's Security Upgrade By Plasma-Dragon by DavianJWolfe
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Jeda's Security Upgrade By Plasma-Dragon :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 14 13
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A Drastic Change of View :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 5 3
H-Hello? by DavianJWolfe
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H-Hello? :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 3 0
From the Outside Looking In by DavianJWolfe
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From the Outside Looking In :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 3 0
Not a model, just an inmate by DavianJWolfe
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Not a model, just an inmate :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 3 6
Staring out by DavianJWolfe
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Staring out :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 3 0
Debbie's new Chateau by DavianJWolfe
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Debbie's new Chateau :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 4 2
Debbie Crandall #90307 by DavianJWolfe
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Debbie Crandall #90307 :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 4 4
And the side on by DavianJWolfe
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And the side on :icondavianjwolfe:DavianJWolfe 3 8


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Amber and Emily - October 27 '17 by MartyMartyr1
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FanArt: Ajin (Space-Time Prisoner) by EN17
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3DBG - Hanged Hotties Cover Photo by MartyMartyr1
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3DBG - Hanged Hotties Cover Photo :iconmartymartyr1:MartyMartyr1 25 4
3DBG - Pretty Prisoners Cover Photo by MartyMartyr1
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3DBG - Pretty Prisoners Cover Photo :iconmartymartyr1:MartyMartyr1 52 26
Forget Straitjackets - take the Tubes (GIF) by PsychoSJ
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Forget Straitjackets - take the Tubes (GIF) :iconpsychosj:PsychoSJ 10 8
Prison Uniform (All Blocks) by EN17
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Prison Uniform (All Blocks) :iconen17:EN17 62 8
Prison Uniform [Block C-Block D] by EN17
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Prison Uniform [Block C-Block D] :iconen17:EN17 55 9




DavianJWolfe's Profile Picture

I'm a commissioner and one man band in charge of making sure Project: CSP happens!

Via monetary means to artists who give me art in exchange for such things.
Wowzers, so I just got around to pricing my dream line-up of things for my hobby (three guesses what that is based on my dA, right?) And wowzers is it expensive as all hell.

So, let's talk numbers. Boring, right? (All prices are in British Pounds as it was the best place I could find everythign together)

Clothes = 39.70 + 14.95(for lettering)

Shoes = 10.65 (Size 11 feetsies are rough man.)

The all important Belly chain = 85.40 (Cus, you gotta have a belly chain, c'mon guys who you foolin'?)

All up, that comes to 150.7 Great British Pounds. Not bad, right? Well, I live in Australia. Where the rest of the world hates us to have money.

So, convert is over and that comes toooo..... *drum roll*

$283.64 Australian Dollars and Cents.

Yeowch. Safe to say, not getting that delivery until I have a job and a bank of cash again.
  • Listening to: Computer shuffle
  • Drinking: Lots of water


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Gabe Newell in Prison by SpellboundCanvas
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